Lobbying Services


Government Relations

Experience. Relationships. Creativity. Success.

For twenty-two years, TCG’s experienced lobbyists and consultants have provided clients with a full range of integrated services to address their government relations needs. Our clients range from large, multi-national corporations to local, grassroots associations. We have represented clients before every legislative committee and every state agency.


Legislative Monitoring

In an average session at the General Assembly, thousands of bills are filed and hundreds become law.  Even if clients don’t have a direct interest in pursuing legislation, ignoring the process can have severe consequences.  As a constant presence at the Legislative Office Building, State Capitol and at state agencies,  TCG alerts our clients to issues that arise before they appear on the public’s radar screen, with a constantly updated bill-tracking system that is fully integrated and available online.  This information provides them a critical advantage in today’s difficult business climate.


Grassroots Organizing

TCG also uses its experience in the organization of grassroots initiatives and coalition building to advance our clients’ interests.  Our grassroots organizing campaigns maximize political influence by delivering valuable constituent support for client initiatives to decision-makers, often the difference between a winning and losing campaign. Whether the message must be delivered directly or through “free” media, we have been there before. Our staff can help you develop materials, craft your message, implement the logistics and maximize your clout.


Legislative and Regulatory Campaigns

Lobbying is about more than knowing the right people.  TCG’s legislative and regulatory campaign services consist of evaluating, monitoring, structuring, drafting and promoting legislative and administrative initiatives. Our experienced team of lobbyists analyzes and interprets Connecticut statutory provisions, and works closely with key staff to draft legislation. Day-to-day lobbying, public relations and the myriad facets of a successful campaign are addressed.  Our company specializes in solving public policy conflicts and seizing opportunities for our clients.


Regulatory Issues

TCG has developed significant expertise in representing a wide spectrum of client interests on administrative and regulatory matters.  We have strong working relationships with commissioners and department heads at virtually all Connecticut state agencies.  Additionally, TCG works in collaboration with the law firm of Tobin, Carberry, O'Malley, Riley, Selinger, P.C. whose practice frequently involves representing clients on telecommunications and utility issues at the Department of Public Utility Control, public contract matters at the Department of Public Works, tax problems at the Department of Revenue Services, economic development and housing projects at the Department of Economic and Community Development, and health care issues at the Departments of Public Health and Social Services.